This project consists of AR + Autoethnographic Experimental Video + Live Performances.

It is based on real events. In 2022, I lost my grandfather while studying in the UK and I was not able to go back home to see him one last time due to Covid-19. Two months after he passed away and on his birthday I lost my dog who had been with me for thirteen years. These two events hit me very hard, but I chose to face them. I used social media WeChat to send a poster, and the algorithm detected me and then deleted me: it showed that I had successfully sent it but no one could see it.
From this starting point, I made an experimental video and live performance to remember my grandfather and dog, trying to heal the trauma through art and also trying to reflect on algothrims’ stiflling effect on people and critique who has the power to decide who can be seen online.

Part 1  AR

Before the perofrmance, please read and scan my diary


Download ‘artivive’ then scan it 

PART 2  Experimental Video

website: liulushi.me
instagram: @lushi_1119
email: lushilau@gmail.com