What will be the future of urbanism and what will happen to already existing cities 100/200 years from now?

This is a 3d speculative fiction film that shows what Venice would look like in 100 years, showing the drastic changes to the structure of the city and lifestyle due to climate change.

In contrast to other cities, Venice has waterways as opposed to roadways and vaporettos are used instead of buses. Both Google Maps and the metro are nonexistent, making it a city not like the others.

Why did I specifically choose Venice? Venice is very vulnerable to natural phenomena as Italy is suffering a lot because of climate change and many studies are seeing Venice slowly going underwater. Inspired by the book New York 2140 in which it depicts the city submerged, the film represents old Venice and new Venice. Old Venice is underwater and new Venice is newly built over the water and both are connected by train. I decided to create these two versions of Venice as, following the interviews with the organisation VeniSia, crises bring forth new opportunities and they believe building start-ups will be the solution to keeping the communities alive.