Through traditional east Asian philosophy and aesthetics, the multi-sensory experience presents a personal response to the hype around contemporary immersive digital platforms, drawing attention to the neglection of the individual psyche within digital neoliberal and controlled spaces. The mixed reality installation aims to connect people, objects, sounds & performance within an augmented form of tea ceremony comprising a VR narrative environment, an experimental video, tea drinking and a weighted vest filled with tea leaves.

The audience will first be invited to sit down and participate in the process of a tea drinking performance. Here, a glance, a touch, a smell are all aimed to help audiences to calm and observe and maybe develop willingness to explore more in the extended reality.

The physical installation filled with objects and live performance are key components of this environmental narrative. The materiality  acts as a “narrator” to embody time and emptiness. The optical illusion brought by virtual reality on the other hand embodies the sense of presence.

Entering the virtual reality, the audience are invited to explore the environment with objects distorted in scales. Accompanied by the sound inspired by bells and singing bowls, audience will spend some time experiencing a sense of presence at the moment.

The virtual environment is 3d modeled to depict a no man’s land where the scales of objects are distorted. The virtual environment serves as a private domain to encourage audience to rethink and reflect.

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instagram: @elusivemonkeyy